This is really sweet. The MC and Sho have the best and cutest moments together.

And what a sight to see indeed.

They sure do love teasing Sho.

Sorry we kept you waiting, Yoshito.

This was one of the physics warm-ups our class had. Doesn’t this look like a be without a mouth? There aren’t any pupils, either!

My physics teacher let me have this small cup of Orbeez. It’s so cute!

Here’s another coconut oil flavored Thai Tea. It looks so pretty!

That’s actually true; I really have to agree with you there, Sho.

Isn’t this awesome? Te blue candies formed an octagon!


When someone asks me what Higurashi is I literally just show them this picture.




it’s a game show where everyone eats the furniture in a room and tries to see which is made of chocolate

the last guy makes me laugh so hard every time hahaha

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Tumblr could learn a lesson from this…

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Rescued fox wags her tail to her caretaker

Omfg look how happy she is. Omg.

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